enummi Conditioner

enummi® Conditioner contains a bountiful garden of nature-derived plant, fruit, and rich butter ingredients. Think of this as your very own hair salad! It’s appropriate for use on all hair types and is great for the entire family.


enummi® Conditioner is a moisture-balanced, silicone-free hair conditioner created for all air types. This unique formula features essential hair vitamins, proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, and a bountiful garden of nature-derived, nourishing ingredients from plants and fruits. It provides environmental protection, balanced repair, manageability, and vibrant shine.

•Effortlessly disperses through hair and saturates for fast-acting conditioning and moisturizing
•Rinses beautifully and supports against buildup
•Minimizes color fading and static
•Eases hair and scalp dryness
•Improves manageability and smoothness
•Offers protection from environmental damage, combing, and heat styling

After using enummi® Shampoo, massage the desired amount of conditioner into wet hair, saturating it from roots to ends. Leave on for 1–3 minutes and rinse. This product can be used as a leave-in conditioner 1–2 times per week for dry or damaged hair.

Halal Certified